PWDs are not disabled by their medical conditions, but they are in fact forced to be disabled by the labels and discrimination of a society

Jonathan Ng
2 min readApr 10, 2020


PWDs — people with disabilities.

Credits: Crippen — Disability Arts Online

Imagine living in a world;
forbearing the eternal oppression of labels and discriminations,
shaped by the
unforgiving disdainful stereotypes of society.

In the streets laced with deceit, it echos
the resounding chorus that whispers “you are weak”

Life was not as kind,
but they never regressed.
Contesting through this wretched dysfunctional dystopia,
they pilfer the words of faith people leave for them.

Those words were beacons of hope personified,
for them to utter under the moonlight every night.

In this poem, I am addressing the Social Model of Disability where PWD (People with Disabilities) find that their biggest obstacle in life is not their disability, but it’s that society has intentionally chosen to stand against them.

Albeit being labelled and discriminated their whole lives, the PWDs are often stronger think we think and they still strive to live their best life.

let's stop labelling PWD and instead start to see them as an equal human being. Be kind to them, help them, but never overcompensate.

Here’s an article that perfectly encapsulates some practises you can adopt to correctly care for a fellow PWD.

(Thanks for being an inspiration Molly, love your article!)



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