Dee Kosh, dee end?

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Singapore’s most annoying person to annoy you with his annoying eyebrows and fake accent has recently ticked off the entire social media space, staring himself as the main culprit and the main character.

The story unfolds in a way that paints Dee Kosh as a sexual perpetrator targeting teens under 18 to engage in sexual activity.

It all started with Dee Kosh hitting up teenage boys on Instagram. Afterwards he would slide in cheeky comments complimenting them then proceeding to ask for their Telegram or Snapchat. His methods vary but his ruse is always the same; texting teenage boys to join his talent management company.

On paper that sounds perfectly normal, but in practise, it veils another hidden intention. Now his hidden intention has been publicly exposed.

Although there has been numerous cases stacked against him pinning him to these sexual allegations he allegedly denied all of them. Initially.

Then the very next day he surprised the Internet by releasing a somewhat lacking apology post in pictures captioned “I’m, sorry”.

Who would have thought this day would come?

The unapologetic, smart mouthed witty. personality in Singapore who contributed to bringing down SG Nasi Lemak and tackled other sexual predators eventually fell prey to becoming the kind of character that he once took down. Overnight he fell from hero to zero.

Dee Kosh did not fucked up as Dee Kosh. What people missed is that Darryl Ian Koshy who was morally misaligned later on manifested this sexual needs into his influencer personality and effectively putting one leg into his own coffin.

What I’m saying is that yes Dee Kosh made mistakes, but he made mistake just like anyone of us would too as well, to Er is Human.

We need to understand that Dee Kosh too is human and being an influencer shouldn’t automatically put him under a micro lens where his every mistakes are exploited and amplified. He is not a role model to begin with and he has never set himself out to be someone that people can look up too.

Social media also played a pivotal role as well acting as a catalyst that brought him to his demise in a few day’s time. It has evolved to become a virtual proverbial sword that swings at people in accordance with the ruling mob mentality (cancel culture is evident here). The louder the voice, the faster and harder the sword swings. In a few day’s time, any head can roll and no one is spared from the sword.

The pros and cons are debatable but let’s agree that this sword that can swing both ways; is double edged and when being cut, there's hardly any time to respond before the whole internet crashes on you.

When the whole world stands against you and even your own friends puts you on the judging pedestal, what can you possibly do?

Yes indubitably, Dee Kosh fucked up, but we should give him a chance to clear up the air before we jump on the cancel culture bandwagon and then decide on our final judgement. He still deserves to defend himself no matter what and have a say in this situation where he is painted as the main perpetrator.

To quote from someone “It is the lack of basic humanity in the opposition, the contradiction of humanity that the mob tries to uphold in the first place that disturbs me more than the act of the defendant.”

Dee Kosh may have fucked up in the worst way possible, a living irony that juxtaposes everything he ever stood for, but he still deserve to to have a voice.

If we come crashing on him with the quintessential cancel culture mentality, deeming him guilty before anything has been proven, then we are all just like a fragment of him; the part of him where spun his own web of judgement and tore down a delicate blooming juvenile who simply tried chasing her ambitions in books.

Let’s be abit more level headed, abit more compassionate; not for them but for us.




Tequila Sunrise.

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